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The eZine Illusion Network is an association dedicated to the advancement of the magic community. Only members of the eZine Illusion Network can carry the eZine logo at their site. A qualified eZine site should consist of changing material focused on some aspect of magic. This could be performance, education, styles of magic, instructional "how-to" information, etc. Magic "secrets" are allowed into the illusion network on the condition that they are educational in nature (they have to give more than just the secrets), copyright laws are not in conflict with the site (ie. you can not display screen shots from a television broadcast, illustrations from a book, etc., and you can not sell the information if it is not your original creation). The site must hold some form of quality to remain affiliated with eZine. Almost any magic site can become a member, however, if the site changes focus, or if the site fails to show "quality" after a short period of time, membership will be discontinued.

Membership is free.

To become a member, submit a request to sibelius@sourcery.com

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